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CV Writing

21 Professional tips for CV Writing (2020)

A CV is a detailed document, containing the step by step journey of your career including all sorts of personal information. Writing a CV can be a complex job as it is your first opportunity to make a good impression. Hence listed below are 21 professional tips for CV writing: Relevance: Your CV is the first window through which the interviewer peeks into your skills and qualifications. Make sure your… Read More »21 Professional tips for CV Writing (2020)

All about Perfumes

How a person smells makes a big difference to how he feels, looks and is recognized. ‘Perfume’, got from the Latin ‘per fumus’, which means ‘through smoke’. Also, it is actually through fumes, that the full effect of individual aroma is felt. Not exclusively can a scent cause you to feel and show up extremely appealing, it supports certainty, lessens stress, and if the correct aroma is used, you can… Read More »All about Perfumes